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WISH ME LUCK..... maybe?
Monday, 16 September 2013 | 0 comments
GUYYYYYSSS I'M BACK! Gosh, it's been a month since the last time I posted an entry? Dammit.

Okay so this might be a quick post, and short, or maybe long well whatever. I just want to tell you guys that me, Atiqah, the cutest thing ever in the world, am on hiatus mode YAAAYY!!!!11! LETZ PARTY BIJEZ. Okay no. Why would people throw a party just because I'm on hiatus mode? Or maybe there are some haters out there that actually celebrated this....... Hmmmmhmmmmm well fuck it.

Sorry I was just joking. What am I going to tell you guys is that I'm on hiatus mode starting today, because PMR is just near the corner, and by near I mean THERE'S ONLY TWO WEEKS LEFT HOLY MOTHER OF STRAWBERRIES GUYS. Two damn weeks left but I'm still here sitting in front of the laptop, watching The Master's Sun, while eating pizza, with no pants on, and watching random shits on youtube, especially the video where shane and joey making out together..... Wait what?

Tbh, I'm so scared because I am totally not prepared for this examination shit but still, I can't wait to face it because I'm so tired with school and school probably doesn't give a fuck about me anymore so yeah.... everyone is waiting for the holidays and so do I. And I just can't wait to, finally have a great time with my laptop, and my camera, oooh especially my phone, where I can tweet this and that and insta this and that and whatever shit that I always do there I JUST CAN'T WAIT FOR IT!

And being the random me, I've been promising to myself to make vlogs with my friends and stuffs on this year's school holidays because, everyone is like, applying for SBP and MRSM schools and I'm just staying at my current school, doing the same shits all over again because it's not that you're smarter than me, it's because I'm lazier than you. So.... yeah. It might be a memorable thing we will ever do. I'm looking forward for it and I'm pretty sure I'll post it on my youtube channel, you can find the link to it on my links page here, and really I'm just excited for this. Don't ask me why cos I don't have the right answer to that............ Fucking weird uGH.

I'm gonna end this post here. I'll update more after PMR, I guess. Wish me luck for my PMR examination. I really hope I can get 8As so that I can ask my parents to buy me an iPhone and leave my house and fuck the world up. Nahh I'm just joking......................... BUT WHO KNOWS RIGHT LOL. Okay then, I will leave you for around one month with this shoey gif that I accidentally found on google just now.

Btw, stop drooling over joey's face. I know he's hot but ew girl, wipe off that disgusting saliva of yours. HAHAHA BYE!